– Definition and main features is an IP for some broadband routers, such as Belkin, Dynex, ACCTON and others.
This numeric label is assigned to the device by default, but you can change it. Having accessed
this IP you can change a lot of settings and parameters of your router. Among them there are
WLAN (WiFi), protocol settings, proxy settings, ADSL, and much more.

Restrictions on the use of

Using you haven’t a possibility to join another router that is outside your network.
This is because this address is private (IPv4). If you want to use two analogous routers inside
the same network, you will need to change the IP at least on one of them to prevent a conflict
between them. If the second router has 192.168.l.2 numerical label or something like this, your
devices will not conflict.

How to enter

To access the IP, that is, access to the administrative console of your router, you need to launch
any web browser (for instance, Safari or Chrome) put the cursor on the address bar and enter
your address there. Then you will see a window with two fields where you need to enter the
administrator’s login and password. You can learn these two words in the following ways:
1) on the sticker glued to the bottom of your device;
2) in the instructions to the router;
3) also you can find the list of the most popular logins/passwords by default on the Internet.
Many people change the password to log in and then forget it. If you are one of them, it's okay.
The situation can be easily corrected, but you should keep in mind that all the settings of your
router will roll back to the factory one. To reset your router, find a small hard reset button on it.
Then press and hold it for about 20 seconds.
What if you cannot open the page? If you cannot open, check the connection. If
your computer or laptop is connected to the router through a cable, check whether the cable is
plugged correctly. If you are trying to open the IP through a WiFi network (that is, through a
smartphone, tablet, laptop or other device), make sure you are connected to the correct
network. In addition, your device may have other address, for instance, 192.168 l 254.

How to modify

For security reasons, it is better to change the standard IP of your router. The standard IP is
known to many so it can be attacked to hack your network, steal your personal data or use
computers on your network for DDoS attacks. How to change the address of your router? Go to
the administrative console (how to do this, was described above). Then go to Network> LAN.
There you can change the traditional to other gateways.