192.168 l 254 IP Administration

If you are an owner of a modem or router of such brands as 2Wire, Alcatel and Linksys, you probably may wonder: “What is 192.168 l 254?” Well, we will give a detailed answer to this question below.
192.168 1.254 is a numerical label assigned by default to many ADSL routers or modems. It is designed to configure the device and can facilitate your life if you know how to use it properly.

Why might you need to log in 192.168.l.254?

Most people use 192.168.l.254 (as well as other IPs, like for the following purposes:

1) To set up the device. Once logged in, you gain access to WPA2 password change, system administration, WLAN, DNS, and much more.
2) To change this IP address for protective purposes. We will tell you how to do this below.
3) To check the LAN connection. This task is performed by pinging the IP address of the modem from the local PC and examining whether it can exchange data by use of modem.

How to go to 192.168 l 254?

To receive access to the desired IP (192.168 1.254), you should enter these characters into the URL address bar of your web browser . The username may be “admin” or “Administrator” depending on the model of your device. The password is typically “admin” but it may vary depending on the model. Anyway, you can see the password & username on the bottom of your device. If this data does not fit, you can make a hard reset of your modem (below you will find a short instruction on how to do this).

How to modify 192.168 1.254?

The router is not only a convenient device that is used to distribute Wi-Fi signals and transfer data between your laptops, phones, PCs, tablets, and other devices. This is also a eventual prey for hackers who use viruses for unauthorized access to your personal information (by modifying settings of LAN firewall). Therefore, you may want to modify the factory IP address of the device. To do this, you must go to 192.168 l 254 via your web browser, type the login & password and go to the tab, which is usually called “Network Configuration”. There you will see a standard IP address that is allowed to be changed. After you apply the new settings your Interned device will reboot after which it will have a new IP.
You have a possibility to reverse IP changing at any moment by performing hard reset of your device, which will restore default settings of your router & will return 192.168 l 254 numerical label. To do this, you should press a toothpick (needle) against the hidden button located on the device and hold it for around 25 sec.
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