Have you visited this page to find out what is? Well, you are in the right place, we will tell you about it. But in fact, this numerical label does not mean something important, it’s just a mistake. Most likely, you have typed the text very quickly and pressed an superfluous key. It can be safely deleted from the address, since it does not let you get into the settings of your router.

If you want to control your device, enter 192.168.l.l or another address in the address box of your browser, which consists of 4 parts, not 5 ones.  They are numerical labels that manufacturers of routers assign to their devices.

What could be possible with the help of

If is the right IP, you will have access to the administration panel of your device. This place offers options for configuring many parameters of the router. Beginners usually use this place to change the network access password (so that other people could not use someone else’s Wi-Fi), whereas advanced users configure MAC, DSL, WPS, and much more.

To access (modem interface) you need to know its login & pass. Each device model has a predefined login and password by default. To learn them you need to check the bottom of the device or find the relevant information on the Internet.

What if you have forgotten your login/password information for

If you have not entered your modem/router settings for a long period of time, it is very easy to completely forget the password and login for accessing. How to cope with this unpleasant situation? There are many ways to recover your password. For example, you can use special programs to restore it. But, unfortunately, this method can be applied by professional users and is not suitable for beginners. Thus, the participation of another user who is more experienced in this area will be required.

How to make hard reset to restore access to

If you want, you can always reset your modem/router back to ordinary settings and default label (like Take the toothpick &press it against a miniature button on the modem. Holding it for about 20 seconds will be quite enough. In this situation, the Internet connection will be interrupted (do not worry, this is normal). If you consider yourself unskilled in carrying out these actions, ask someone for help. You know, different models of routers/modems can have different IPs (for instance,, so you can read about them at our website.