is a numerical label (IP) that is assigned to many models of well known modems (routers). It is designed to make the use of your device simpler. It allows you to change the settings at any time you want.

What does allow you to do? allows you to change any setting of your device, including security, LAN, DSL, MAC, and much more. You can make any changes and blockings. Probably the most common purpose for which an average user applies IP is to change the password for accessing a wireless network. Advanced users often apply it for other purposes. Please note that only one device on the local network can use this address. Otherwise, two addresses will conflict with each other.

How to open

It is very easy to access the IP of any modem/router. Launch your browser (Chrome, IE, etc.) & type192.168.0.1 in the search box. Then you need to enter your password and login. By default,they are as follows:

1) login – admin (lower case);

2) password – admin (lower case).

These data are usually indicated on the bottom of the router (near the information about the model and the manufacturer of the device).

After logging in, you get full access to all device settings. You can perform all the actions described above. If you cannot log in, then you might have changed your password before this time, or someone else has done it. Anyway, you can bring back your router to the factory settings, which will cause / result in the login and password to become default again.

To prevent such situations, it is better change the default password to some other one and remember it or write it down. Do not rely on the default value. To change the password, go to the device interface and look for the admin tab. The system will ask you to enter the password 2 times for security reasons. Then click the “Change” button (or something like this) and it’s in the bag.

What if you cannot see webpage?

If you type in a browser address line, but your browser shows that the page cannot be displayed or something like that, maybe it’s just not your IP address. There is one very simple way to find out this address: you need to open a command line (open Start in Windows and enter “cmd”) & type “ipconfig / all” there. This will help you to find out whether this address is yours or not. If you do not want to do this, look at the instructions for your router, maybe a different address has been assigned to it, for instance or