192.168.l.l Admin Login

If you are reading this article, then you have tried to go to the web settings of your router or modem via 192.168.l.l or something like this and you have not succeeded. Let’s figure out what to do and how to get into the settings of the router? First, you should know IP address of your modem/router device.

So what is It is a numerical label that your ADSL modem/router typically has. Most modem manufacturers, such as Linksys, Asus, and Dell use it. This address gives access to the software through your browser. This software is designed to make life easier for users. Thanks to it you can change the settings of your device at any time. In addition, all devices on your network use this identification number to communicate with the router, to send local data, and to get access to the World Wide Web. The same goes for other IP addresses, such as

Why might you need an access to 192.168.l.l?

You might need to access 192.168 1.1 address for the following reasons:

1) To access the modem settings, such as changing the password for accessing your network, LAN, MAC, and the like. The average user uses this IP address to change the WPA2 password to the network.

2) To change the Internet address of your router to protect the network from unauthorized access.

3) To examine the LAN connection. To do this you should ping the IP of your modem from the local computer and check whether it is able to exchange data with the router.

How to login 192.168 1.1? address has a standard username & password for entry. They’re “admin” and “admin”. Usually these data are indicated on the underside of the modem. However, you can change them. What to do if you have forgotten your username and/or password to get to 192.168.l.l settings? Each modem has a special reset button. To return the device to the factory settings, you need to take a toothpick (needle), press it against the button and hold it for 20-30 seconds.

It should be noted that the settings of your Internet network will also be reset. So you have to configure them again. If you are a computer beginner, it is better to ask someone who has the appropriate experience to help you.

What if address is unavailable?

If even you’re sure that your modem numerical label should be 192.168.l.l, it may appear that it has been changed by your Internet service provider, your relatives or simply by mistake. What to do in such a case? Do not worry. If you are the owner of the device and you have physical access to it, you can easily change its settings to the factory ones. We have described above how to do this. After resetting, your modem will have a factory address, login, and password.